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Bellows valve

316L UHP Face Seal Male Bellows Valve 3/4

316L UHP Face Seal Male Bellows Valve 3/4

The simplified actuator design makes it more compact

Excellent finish level of wetted areas with GP-TECH's own electro polish precess

Specification 316L SS material for ultra-pure,flammable,or toxic fluid lines in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and facilities.

All valves are helium leak tested.

  • Technical Parameters
  • Main feature
  • Operating range
Body Material:316L Stainless Steel
Port Type:Face seal female
Face seal male
Tube weld stub available
Size:1/4 in.
Operating Pressure:435psi
DiaphragmNickel-cobalt alloy
Actuator ConfigurationNO=Normal Open
NC=Normal Close


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