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1/2 Flanged Stainless Steel Alloy 625 Double Block and Bleed Dbb Valve Process Mono Flange Valve

1/2 Flanged Stainless Steel Alloy 625 Double Block and Bleed Dbb Valve Process Mono Flange Valve

StandardASME B16.5

Rating: 0-10,000psi (690 bar)

Flange body nominal size: 1/2"

Low pressure model: 600 LB, RF

High pressure model: 2,500 LB, RF

Mono Flange Valve Applications:

Oil and gas equipments

Offshore technology
Seawater desalination plants
Chemical industry

Storage tanks

Medical Industry
Civil Engineering
Pressure vessels, reactor tanks, and heat exchangers
Rotors, impellers and shafts
Power plants
Shipbuilding industry

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Mono Flange Valves are used as an alternative to a system which has multiple valves. They are designed specially to provide a compact installation for transmitter and gauge instruments. In an application where a monoflange is used, it is used toreplace other equipment. For instance, rather than having one valve and relying on it to close so that you can isolate the transmitter, two different valves can be used. In such case, a 316/316L Mono Flange Valve would replace two different valves perfectly. With this, you won’t need to have two different valves but a single one. This is because the monoflange is composed of two different closed valves as well as a vent which is opened so as to limit the pressure which is between them. It also has a reduced weight as well as minimal leak paths thereby providing a higher integrity system. The reduced length of the installation likewise reduces the risk of damage through vibration. You can either place the 316/316L Mono Flange Valve horizontally or vertically so as to ensure the gauge is standing upright. This is perfect for primary isolation i.e. double block and bleed, as well as instrument duties. A monoflange also make provision for isolation, instrument mounting and venting in a single unit.


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