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Gauge Root Valve With Transmitter

Gauge Root Valve With Transmitter

  • One-piece forged body without welds
  • Safety bonnet lock
  • Metal to metal seat
  • Rolled and hard plated stem threads and tip stellated to prevent galling and extend life of valve
  • Two-part stem tip arrangements
  • Non-rotating ball tip to ensure bubble tight seal and shut-off
  • Safety back seating on stem
  • Available in regular and 184 mm extended body length
  • Maximum Working Pressure (MWP) and Temperature
    • 6000 psi (400 bar) at 93°C
    • 4000 psi (275 bar) at 260°C

  • Technical Parameters
  • Main feature
  • Operating range

Gauge Root Valves are designed to connect system impulse lines and transmitters. These single valve manifolds consist of one male or one female NPT connection to the process, and three female NPT instrument connections. These valves are rugged in construction to withstand high pressures and temperatures, and are rated up to 6000 PSI.


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