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NAI-LOK Low Pressure Gas Pipeline 300psi For Laboratory

NAI-LOK Low Pressure Gas Pipeline 300psi For Laboratory

Design pressure 20.6 bar

One-hand operation(dual connected 3-ways valve)

Sample circulation

Depressurizing of quick connects

Optimized safety for operator and environment

Close loop sampling(zero emission , no pollution)

Temperature Rating -20ºCto 148ºC

Pressure gauge range to 0-160 bar

  • Technical Parameters
  • Main feature
  • Operating range
Body Material:316 Stainless Steel
 Max Inlet Pressure: 3500psi(241 bar)/ 400 psi(27.6 bar)
Port Type:Female NPT
Size :1/4 in.
Port:3 ports/4 ports/6 ports
Flow Capacity:Cv=0.06
Control Pressure Range:0 to 25psig (0 to 1.7 bar)
0 to 50psig (0 to 3.4 bar)
0 to 100psig (0 to 6.9 bar)

0 to 250psig (0 to 17.2 bar)

0 to 450psig (0 to 31 bar)

SeriesNR11 Series


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