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NAI-LOK Semi-automatic Changeover System Control 4 Cylinders

NAI-LOK Semi-automatic Changeover System Control 4 Cylinders

Good protection against burst and corrosion due to diaphragm material stainless steel

6 ports flexible configuration

Panel mounting nut option

Available in chrome plated brass, alloy.

Purity max.6.0

Stable outlet pressure

Operating Temperature:-40ºF to 165ºF/-40ºC to 74ºC

  • Technical Parameters
  • Main feature
  • Operating range
Product Name
NAILOK two-stage changeover Regulator 
Maximun Inlet Pressure
3500 psig(241 bar)
Outlet Pressure 
0-25psig/ 0-60psig/ 0-100psig/ 0-160psig/ 0-250psig
Design Proof Pressure
150% maximum rated pressure
Internal: Bubble-tight
External:Design ro meet≤2×10-8atm cc/sec He
Operating Temperature
-40ºF to 165ºF/-40ºC to 74ºC
Flow Capactiy
3500 psig/241 bar Inlet:CV=0.06
 Maximum Operating Torque 30 in-lbs/3.4N•m


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