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Tube Connector Stainless Steel Compression double Ferrules Union Tube Female Fittings

June 01,2024

Are you looking for a dependable and safe choice for your tube connecting needs? Look no additional compared to the Tube Connector Stainless Steel Compression Double Ferrules Union Tube Female Fittings. This Nai Lok item provides a variety of advantages for each home and industrial use, its ingenious design and quality construction.


One of the major fantastic things about these fittings is the resilience. It is made from top quality stainless steel which they are resistant to rust, corrosion, and other types of wear and tear. This suggests they are ideal for use in severe environments and high-temperature problems. Furthermore, the Nai Lok compression stainless steel fittings are developed to be really tamper-proof, making certain they remain securely in location and reduce any leaks.

Double Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings.png


One of the essential developments of these fittings is the double-ferrule design. Which implies they typically have really two compression rings additionally of simply one, providing additional sustain and security to the link. 


Safety is important in concerns to any type of tube fitting, and the Nai Lok 1 2 inch stainless steel compression fitting is no exemption. Thank you to their tamper-proof design and ferrules, they are protecting and safe to use in a selection of applications. Furthermore, they are made from materials that are safe and resistant to hazardous chemicals, making them a much safer choice to use in a variety of environments.


These compression fittings are flexible and can be truly used in a wide variety. The Nai Lok 1 4 stainless steel compression fittings are especially well-suited for use in HVAC systems, water treatment plants, and chemical processing blossoms. 

How to Use?

Using of these fittings was really simple. First, the tube ought to be cut to the suitable size and deburred to verify a clean, smooth surface. After that, the compression nut and ferrules ought to truly be moved into the tube, complied with due to the fitting body. Tighten the compression nut up till it truly is purge with the fitting body and your links was finish. It is important to guarantee that the fitting is correctly tightened up to reduce leaks.


These fittings are continual through excellent client service in enhancement to their quality construction and ingenious design. The producer provides sustain and support to guarantee your complete fulfillment if you have really any appropriate concerns or even issues about your purchase.

Double Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings 2.png


Lastly, it may be worth keeping in mind why these stainless steel fittings are made to the highest quality of requirements. They are produced to last for years, also in tough environments that are industrial and are sustained through an assurance to guarantee your complete fulfillment.


The Tube Connector Stainless Steel Compression Double Ferrules Union Tube Female Fittings are a dependable and safe option for your tube linking needs whether you are a DIY lover or even an expert plumber. These fittings provide a variety of significance and can be truly used in a selection of applications with their resilience, ingenious design, and quality construction. 

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